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Just repaired and decorated a room in a large old house in Richmond. The place was in disrepair with a lot of cracks in ceilings/walls and a disturbing amount of paint peeling off the walls. The client absolutely insisted on using the dreaded Farrow&Ball paint. She was spending £100s on the paint, but tried to keep the decorating labour cost to a minimum. Despite being shown F&B's pitiful covering power and inability to cover undercoated and pva'd repairs, the client refused to pay for the time it would take to paint the extra coats needed to get a 100% flat finish, or to use a modern paint. I now understood that previous decorators must have cut corners [prep] because of pressure to finish within the budget allowed, resulting in the eventual peeling of the expensive aspirational topcoat. I threw extra time and effort at the job to show what could be achieved and the client loved the finish- just wouldn't pay for it. I took what money was offered and moved my gear out. I will be working elsewhere in future!
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