A Dab Hand | West London | Painter & Decorator

What your job really needs is A Dab Hand
0774 771 1651

To contact me immediately, then CALL OR TEXT MY MOBILE
It's always with me, rarely turned OFF...and I get an alert sound+vibrate to attract my attention.
0774 7711651
If I'm in a reception 'blind spot' then you can leave a voicemail which gives me an alert sound when I rejoin civilisation.
You can also email me if it's not urgent and I'll deal with it in the evening when I get home to my computer.
I do receive all emails on my mobile too but they arrive silently. If I'm busy working, then I may not check that often unless you let me know.
IF I don't answer right away....
I might be doing something extremely noisy like drilling or sanding so might not notice...
​I might be precariously balanced up a ladder and unable to juggle in time...
DO try again or leave a message...
I WILL call you back.
THANKS for any inquiries.